Do Not Get Divorced Without a Divorce Attorney

Choosing to represent yourself in court during a divorce is in bad taste. Unless you know the laws and possess the expertise of a Tampa divorce attorney, you will likely be upset and astonished at the outcome of the case. Lawyers understand the laws, how to form a defense, and how to get down to the bottom line, ensuring the best outcome in your case. Opting to go to court without a divorce attorney present is a choice you may live to regret.

Do not expect a judge to give you any leniency because you haven’t passed the bar exam or studied a single day in college. You are expected to represent yourself in the same manner as a lawyer would should you choose not to hire. Judges are there to hear the facts of the case and make a decision; nothing more, nothing less. Facts and case information is presented, witnesses are questioned, and the day is done. An attorney can handle each process of a divorce proceeding with care.

Your ex-spouse is likely to hire a lawyer to assist with the divorce. Do you really want to fight another lawyer, particularly one who may be out to get you? There is so much on the line when a marriage ends. You should never take any risks and nee that lawyer on your side. They’ll fight the lawyer and ensure that you get result. Without an attorney, you may not get what you’re hopeful for.

This only breaks the ice as to the reasons why it is important to hire an attorney when you’re getting divorced. Attorneys can help with spousal support, child custody and child support, property division, and more. They help you dissolve the marriage completely so you can get on with life. Do not attempt to handle a divorce proceeding on your own and get the attorney that you need.